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Aquarium Lights at Night for a Party? Yes, but…

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Aquarium lights at night can be a beautiful picture, especially if you are entertaining guests.

When someone asks me about leaving aquarium lights at night on, I tell them that it’s okay to do once in a long while. I also advise them to consider having only the actinic (blue) lights on. If they can lower the intensity or use fewer bulbs, even better. Then I would recommend that they only use them for one or two hours into the party. It is less stressful for the fish, and the corals with fluorescing colors pop nicely in this light.

The aquarium lights at night give a party host a chance to show off the beauty of their aquarium, and the added benefit of showing their sensitive side, that they care about the animals when the lights go off and they get a chance to go to sleep.

Aquarium lights at night can create a stressful environment for the fish. The effect has been described as some as being similar to jet-lag or forcing someone to do an overnighter. It may only seem like a couple hours to someone, but to some, it can be a shock to our bodies that night (and maybe into the next day).

When a fish is dealing with stress, regardless of the cause, it manifests itself into the fish’s body as a weakened immune system, making it susceptible to catching a disease and giving it less reserves to use to fight off parasites like ich and flukes.

A fish’s immune system can fail in a matter of hours, turning a perfectly healthy fish into a fully infected fish as quickly as overnight.

Have you ever altered your lights schedule for the purposes of hosting an event or a party? How did it go? Leave a comment below and tell us how it went.

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