Aquarium Design and Planning

Aquarium Planning

Luxury aquarium design and planning go a long way toward making a happy and healthy aquarium. Our aquarium design is personalized to your needs, and each aquarium design is tailor-made to fit your lifestyle, personality, and desires.

Today’s custom aquarium design can reach beyond “a glass box on a wooden stand.” Planning a modern aquarium takes space, light, and artistic taste into consideration. We coordinate with interior designers, construction professionals and architects to produce the highest standard in aquarium design.

Initial aquarium design

Aquarium design and planning begins choosing where the aquarium will go. The aquarium’s location is as important a decision as the aquarium itself, and often has a direct effect on the aquarium’s size. Sometimes other factors need to be considered,such as the amount of sunlight directly shining on it during the day.

We ask the right questions to help you decide where the tank goes. If you already have an aquarium, we can help you find the best location for it. If not, ReefTechs can obtain the right aquarium for your needs.

Aquarium design elements inside the tank

Our depth of knowledge in aquarium design results in fish and aquascape selections which make your aquarium truly unique, including one of Atlanta’s largest variety of types of rock and our ReefScaping™ designs. Providing a thriving environment for your fish and other animals, we emphasize the “swimability” of the aquarium, giving your fish many areas in which to swim, play, and rest.

Unique aquarium design also extends to the selection of fish and other animals for your tank. Aquatic communities added by ReefTech are often made up of uncommon fish which are not usually seen as often as some of the ordinary fish that are kept in most aquariums. The selection accounts for variety of colors and the types of fish, and which fish will appeal to the people you show your aquarium to. For example, if children will be looking at the aquarium, you almost have to have a “Nemo” fish (clown fish), and you will soon need to add a “Dory” fish (regal hippo tang).

Aquarium design for a happy and healthy tank

Healthy aquarium design considers the importance of its life support system as much as it does the beauty of the display. The life support system is most often a separate tank of water, either under the display tank or in another room. This part of the system cleans dirty water and reconditions the water before it is returned to the display tank.

Aquarium design and planning consultation

If you want a custom-designed aquarium, we can make your dream come true. To schedule an aquarium design appointment, complete the form below and one of our technicians will contact you shortly.

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