New to Aquariums?

New to Aquariums

Aquarium Training Sessions

When you are new to aquariums, a whole new world opens up to you. It is natural to have a lot of questions, and finding answers can be difficult, especially as the aquarium hobby continues to grow and the industry continues to learn more and develop rapidly.

ReefTechs Aquarium Consultants makes it easy for you. We come to you and show you how to do the routine and day-to-day care of your tank.

People who are new to aquariums usually have the same types of questions, such as how long should they wait to add fish, how many fish, what they should feed, and other questions associated with beginning an aquarium. We answer your questions and offer guidance in making your aquarium a happy place from the beginning. We help you avoid some of the mistakes that people who are new to aquariums often make, and show you how to use tools and equipment to keep your aquarium looking its best.

While we are there, we will do an inspection of your aquarium and its life support system, and a livestock screening.

How does this differ from Saltwater Aquarium Coaching?

Our visits with people who are new to aquariums keeps things simple and concentrates on the basics of starting and owning an aquarium. Saltwater Aquarium Coaching is available for people who are have been taking care of their aquarium for a while. It focuses on building a saltwater reef tank, and is more detailed and in-depth on those subjects.

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