Aquarium Services Offered

Aquarium Services Offered

ReefTechs Aquarium Maintenance Services

We help guide the process from the first steps of planning your dream aquarium, bringing it to life, and nurturing it as it grows into its own living artwork.

Aquarium Design and Planning

Vision: Lifestyle + Preferences = Possibilities
Captivating aquarium design is an extension of your personality, and we understand how important this is. ReefTechs Aquarium Consultants meets with you and plans your aquarium with your lifestyle and your personal preferences in mind. We consult with your architects and contractors along the way, providing advice as needed, recognizing both logistics and your budget.

Design: Custom Planning From Top to Bottom
Designing aquariums to keep fish happy and healthy is an intentional process. We develop captivating designs based on your plans for your aquarium. Taking the building’s architecture and the style of the interior into consideration, from the display tank where your fish live through the life-support system, we give the long-term growth of your aquarium the high priority which it deserves.

Aquarium Installation and Maintenance

Installation: Comprehensive Aquarium Project Management
ReefTechs manages all activity on-site throughout the installation of your aquarium from taking the first measurements through turning the system on. We make sure that the approved plans are built correctly, with the latest methods and technologies to make it thrive for years to come.

Life: Acquisition and Addition of the Aquarium’s Community
ReefTechs Aquarium Consultants acquires and prepares fish and corals for our customers’ aquariums. ReefTechs Certified Fish and Reeftechs Certified Coral have gone through our highest standards of quarantine and treatment, bringing them to optimal health before they come to your aquarium.

Nurture: Aquarium Maintenance With Patience and Grooming
Keeping your dream aquarium thriving requires keeping it clean and running smoothly. As your aquarium grows, we groom it into a vivid, colorful display kept in pristine condition. Whether your aquarium receives a monthly tune-up, bi-weekly aquarium maintenance, our full aquarium management for large displays with one or more visits each week, our tank cleaning services are discreet, thorough, and always with the long-term happiness of your aquarium in mind.

Other Aquarium Services

Restoration: Emergency Aquarium Maintnenace
24/7 Emergency aquarium maintenance.

Guidance: Aquarium Coaching
Getting started with a new aquarium or becoming more involved with one that you have had for some time is easier with a ReefTechs Aquarium Consultant guiding you and walking you through the process.

Refuge: ReefTechs Fish Rescue
When an animal grows too big for an aquarium, or has otherwise become unsuitable for an aquarium community, ReefTechs gives them an opportunity for a continued happy life through our fish rescue program.