Aquarium Installation

Aquarium Installation

Aquarium installation can be a tedious and detailed process, which is why ReefTechs management personally oversees every phase from the initial design through bringing your aquarium to life. We have earned our reputation for paying extra attention to detail and our passion for innovative aquarium design.

Just as every aquarium is unique, each installation is unique. We customize every installation phase with regard to our customer’s desires and the logistics involved. We strive to be efficient and discreet, performing our work without disturbing residents of a home or customers at a business.

Key aquarium installation features


Technical plumbing

Pristine water is the most important element of an aquarium, and we pay considerable attention to the system that delivers it to the display. Custom aquarium installations often involve in-wall placement of the display tank with its life support in a different location and a separate system for preparing large quantities of water on-site.

We use advanced technical plumbing methods to make your aquarium system more efficient, saving space and preventing leaks from developing over time.


Life support for your fish

Keeping the water pristine and removing impurities is more than filtration. Your aquarium’s life support revitalizes the water and replenishes it in preparation to return to your display tank. Even though it is hidden from view, the life support system’s role is just as important as the main display. The better it is, the better your display tank will be.

Because ReefTechs is a maintenance-only company, and not part of a fish store, we make sure that your aquarium gets the equipment that it needs so that it runs at its best, rather than taking what is sitting on a store’s shelf and just “making it work”.


Aquarium lighting

An aquarium’s lighting is one of the basic elements of an aquarium’s performance, yet it is often overlooked, both in setting it properly for an individual aquarium and in its physical location.

ReefTechs’ technicians have installed a variety of aquarium lights, customizing each installation to get each light’s best performance. The lighting systems we have set up include time-tested metal halide lights and fluorescent lights to the latest in programmable LED lights, often combining them for the maximum benefit.


Support construction and building capability

Aquarium maintenance technicians, by the nature of the job, perform basic carpentry and other construction processes during an aquarium installation. If your installation is part of a bigger construction project, we work with your construction crews and contractors to make sure that your aquarium gets everything that it needs, like proper electrical support, drainage, structural support to hold the aquarium with adequate space for cleaning. Construction professionals like our experience and our ability to “speak their language” so that they know exactly what they need to provide.

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