Aquarium Service Only – Not Part Of A Fish Store

Aquarium service grew this Capricornus into the centerpiece of this aquarium

ReefTechs is exclusively an aquarium service company in Atlanta. Cleaning fish tanks and keeping them in their best condition is our day-to-day mission. We have a high-level understanding of how important providing quality service is, and strive every day to make sure that our customers’ desires are met.

ReefTechs provides aquarium service only. We are not part of a fish store

Retail businesses make their money by buying equipment and livestock at mass wholesale and selling at retail as quickly as possible.

Aquarium service companies which are part of, or are tied to a fish store are a part of that retail business model. They serve as salespeople for the store. If a customer wants a specific fish that they don’t have, they are encouraged to provide a different fish to the customer.

As an aquarium service-only company, our job is to keep aquariums looking great. We help you make decisions based on your wants and needs, rather than what’s sitting on a store’s shelf.

In keeping with that philosophy, we acquire fish at the request of our customers, and make sure it is in its best possible health and strength before it goes into their aquarium. Each fish goes through an individualized treatment and lengthy quarantine program. During its quarantine, it is treated for disease and parasites. Once it is nurtured into full strength and excellent health, we add it to an aquarium’s community (see ReefTechs Certified Fish).