More than a fish tank cleaner

Aquarium Technician: More Than a Fish Tank Cleaner

An aquarium maintenance technician is much more than a “fish tank cleaner.”

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The phrase “aquarium maintenance technician,” or “fish tank cleaner” brings up many thoughts, ranging from public aquarium volunteers, to someone who works with fish, to Deuce Bigalow. Much of it is earned, because we wear many hats in the course of our work.

A fish tank cleaner is part plumber

Plumbing is one of the basics that we work with on a daily basis. We work with soft vinyl hoses, hard PVC pipes, or anywhere in between. The main tasks include plumbing repair, troubleshooting, and installation.

A fish tank cleaner is part marine biologist

While our “official” job is to clean and maintain an aquarium, we are often asked about fish behaviors and compatibility. A working knowledge of fish and how they interact goes a long way in keeping aquariums healthy.

A fish tank cleaner is part doctor

Our aquarium technicians treat sick fish and attempt to bring them back to full health. We diagnose and treat accordingly, with medicines and/or quarantine as necessary.

A fish tank cleaner is part artist

A  beautiful display is very important. We design aquascapes, arranging the rocks and other items in the aquarium into a beautiful living ecosystem.

A fish tank cleaner is part architect

Many aquariums are built into walls, and we get asked to advise, or assist with the design of the support structure. We are also looked to about the facia and decor surrounding the aquarium.

A fish tank cleaner is part carpenter

Sometimes, a technician needs to pick up the power tools and build an aquarium’s support frame, or make repairs to an existing structure. We also, from time to time, build other structures to support and protect elements of an aquarium’s system.

A fish tank cleaner is part electrician

Electricity and water do not mix, and a aquarium maintenance technician works hard to keep them separated. We also install electronics, modify fixtures, and troubleshoot shorts and other problems.

A fish tank cleaner is part handyman

A fish tank cleaner comes across small repairs that need to be performed on a near-daily basis. In most cases, these repairs are minor, and can be performed by the technician with the tools they have brought with them.

A fish tank cleaner is part mover

Aquarium maintenance technicians are in the moving business primarily when it comes to moving the aquarium and its stand. When we are moving an aquarium, all of the risks of moving a large, heavy, glass box are present. So our technicians have to be thoroughly trained in moving heavy furniture pieces.

A fish tank cleaner is part detective

When we are working on an aquarium, we have a habit of asking “what happened” in our heads. Even if everything looks fine, we are looking ahead to future developments and how to make the aquarium be its best at all times. We aim to think about things before they happen so that we can keep the good outcomes we want, and avert the negative ones. If something bad has happened in an aquarium, we want to know what happened and what caused it, too, so that we can fix it and take steps to keep it from happening again.

We want to thank all of our “fish tank cleaners” here in Atlanta for the handwork they do every day!

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