Why Use an Automatic Feeder?

In an earlier article, Automatic Feeder Recommendations, we outlined some of the pros and cons of using an automatic feeder. This post covers a couple of the most important reasons why someone, particularly a company, might choose to use an automatic feeder. Several of our “commercial clients,” or companies, have challenges to getting the fish […]

Aquariums and Cooler Months

We are entering that time of year where the temperature starts to go up and down as it begins a cooling trend. This is the time to start checking your heaters. I generally recommend replacing heaters instead of using the same one from last year. It’s been my experience that when a piece of equipment […]

A Favorite Herbivore Food

This is one of those little-known secrets that the hobbyists discovered. Nori… The sheets of seaweed that we make sushi with. When hobbyists found out nori’s nutritional value (high in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals), they began feeding their herbivores with it. Tangs, rabbit fish, some angels and blennies eat it quickly. Shrimp, hermit crabs, and […]

How Many Fish Can I Add to My Aquarium?

This is one of those frequently asked questions by aquarium owners that is difficult to answer… because the answer is not usually the one that they want to hear. “The Rule” The hobbyist community has “the rule,” and then countless successful exceptions (and I would guess countless unsuccessful attempts, as well). The rule hovers around […]

What Causes an Algae Bloom?

What causes an algae bloom is a frequently asked question by aquarium owners, and the subject of much discussion and debate among hobbyists. Most of the answers, though, boil down to four points: light, food (nutrients), temperature, and filtration. How much light is being fed to the algae? When I come across an aquarium with an algae bloom, […]