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Best Reef Supplements – All Those Chemicals and Powders

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What are the best reef supplements? That is a tricky question to answer, but enough people have asked, so I’ll do my best…

I managed the retail operations for the largest fish store in the state, and I have seen all sorts of chemicals come and go. Customers would share their experiences with me, and I would compare them to my own experiences and what we were using in the store.


Are there “best reef supplements”?

From what I’ve seen in the many tanks I have managed, and judging from customers’ stories, I haven’t seen or heard enough to say “XYZ” makes the best reef supplements.

I also hesitate to think of any as not being so good, because it seemed like every brand had customers who would sing their praises… Except for one – but I think that had more to do with it’s newness, price point, and other factors as opposed to its quality.

I noticed that some brands had their one or two products which stood out.

Kent Marine’s Tech-M, for example, was the product of choice for going after bryopsis (a really pesky nuisance algae).

Continuum Aquatics had a formula that officially had one purpose, but customers told me about some other things it did above and beyond, including solving a couple of the most annoying nuisances in an aquarium (I’m not telling the name or what it did… but I was surprised at how much success people were having with it).


Do you need to use reef supplements?

The healthiest and best-growing coral reef tanks I work with all use reef supplements. The best reef supplements for each tank can vary, but I’ve noticed that the more consistent and properly dosed a tank is, the better the aquarium’s performance is.


What are the best reef supplements in general?

There are two lines which I have seen the most consistent results from. They both have their mitigating factors.

Red Sea’s coral and algae management have been consistent performers for two of our coral propogation systems. They should be used with strict testing, as it can be easy to overdose, and the products are not necessarily the most forgiving in that aspect.

SeaChem has been the industry standard for a long time. I don’t say this because I am a Certified Specialist by SeaChem. I say it because the people in the industry say it.

I have also noticed the most consistent results with their lines, so it is easy for me to recommend them to anyone.

Depending on an aquarium owner’s expertise, there are a couple ways to go. Their direct supplements like their two-part Reef Advantage, and individual element treatments, like their magnesium and calcium supplements have been very effective. If you like measuring and calculating, then these could be the best reef supplements for you to use.

However, I like their AquaVitro line for most aquarium owners for a couple reasons. First, it is a simple line of products to use. There are not a lot of mental gymnastics. They are designed to work in concert or individually.

The second reason (the folks at SeaChem may not like my saying this) is that this line can be very forgiving in an overdose situation. That doesn’t mean “pour away,” but it does mean that if you make a mistake with one of the products, you have a much better chance of coming through with no problems.

It’s hard (especially in my position) to say that a group of products is the best reef supplements, and some have other products as their favorite.

Do you have a favorite? What has worked well for you? Join in the conversation and leave your comments below.

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