Saltwater Fish: Choosing The Best Ones For Your Aquarium

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Choosing a fish to add is fun and exciting. These tips help you to make sure that the fish you bring in is as healthy and happy as possible.

Saltwater Fish – What are good choices for my aquarium?

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Selecting saltwater fish for your aquarium is fun. Whether it is the first fish going into a tank, or it is a new addition to a community, a new fish just seems to add even more life to an aquarium.

What is the worst saltwater fish to put in my aquarium?

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The worst saltwater fish? I hesitate to call any fish a bad fish. For nearly every fish I can put on a “worst saltwater fish” list, I can find examples of how people have had them successfully in their aquariums. Some of these are true success stories, and some are “no trouble… yet” stories.