Aquarium Technician: More Than a Fish Tank Cleaner

More than a fish tank cleaner

An aquarium maintenance technician is much more than a “fish tank cleaner.” Call us to schedule a fish tank cleaner – Atlanta area 404-974-6700. The phrase “aquarium maintenance technician,” or “fish tank cleaner” brings up many thoughts, ranging from public aquarium volunteers, to someone who works with fish, to Deuce Bigalow. Much of it is earned, because […]

Saltwater Aquarium and Reef Tank – What’s the Difference?

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Saltwater aquariums and reef tanks are both beautiful. Selecting between the two is a fun process, in itself.

Saltwater Aquarium Information, Opinions, and the Internet

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Saltwater aquarium information is easy to find on the internet. But there are many conflicting opinions, and although most people are simply trying to be helpful, it can be hard to know which information to put the most true into. Much of the content online is been posted and published by hobbyists. Hobbyists in any hobby […]