A Favorite Herbivore Food

This is one of those little-known secrets that the hobbyists discovered.

Nori… The sheets of seaweed that we make sushi with.

When hobbyists found out nori’s nutritional value (high in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals), they began feeding their herbivores with it. Tangs, rabbit fish, some angels and blennies eat it quickly. Shrimp, hermit crabs, and even snails have been found munching on it.

The charm of using nori sheets is that instead of doing one big feeding during the day, it stays in the tank for the fish to graze on throughout the day until it is gone. This has the side benefit of virtually eliminating competing for food, and everybody gets the opportunity to eat.

Feeding the nori sheets to your fish is relatively simple. There are various clips made which stick on the aquarium glass with a suction cup or a magnet (I usually recommend Two Little Fishies’ Veggie Clip). These clips hold a folded nori sheet either free in the water or through a screen. I personally haven’t seen enough of a difference in the performance with or without a screen to recommend one over the other.

Simply take the clip out of the water, place a folded sheet of nori into it, and put it back in.

The other common way is to wrap rubber band around a rock and put the folded nori underneath the band on the top side of the rock. This is the way that I prefer to work with my own tanks. It looks more natural, and it keeps my display glass clear and free from obstructions. It is a bit more work, though, and you get wetter doing it this way.

Between the two is more of a personal preference. Most of our customers prefer the clip method. But all agree that no matter which method you choose, using a clip provides much enjoyment as you watch the fish feed throughout the day.

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