Photo Gallery – Children’s Dentist Waiting Room

Children enjoy looking at this aquarium all day long. Shouts of “Nemo!” fill the waiting room when they spot the Clown Fish pair. For a few moments, they forget that they are going to be seeing the dentist.



The aquarium did not always look like this, though. This picture is how the aquarium had been set up before we started taking care of the aquarium. The design was very minimalist, by nature, and fish would hide out of sight for hours at a time along the rocks by the ends.


We changed the rockwork, or “Aquascaping,” around to create a completely different look and ecosystem. We provided caves, channels, and passageways for the fish to hide and swim through, and gave the corals in the aquarium room to spread out and to grow. Now, the fish are out and about nearly all of the time, and the kids have animals swimming at their eye level.