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There are some of our favorite pictures from customers’ aquariums. Click or tap on the pictures to see more.


Medical Office Waiting Room

This aquarium provides a calming backdrop for patients waiting to see the doctor. Our team installed everything except for the glass display, which was already in place. We had a custom filtration sump made, and designed the complex plumbing needed, including a saltwater mixing station. The whole aquarium is computer controlled, including the lights.

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Retail Showroom

This 1200 gallon aquarium display is a real eye catcher. This is a complete build by our team from the first nail to the last drop of water. These tanks are both powered by a custom filtration system which is computer controlled, and can alert our team if issues arise.

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Two-Sided Viewing in Home

One of our favorite things about two-sided aquariums is that someone essentially gets two aquariums. Even with a minimalist design, this aquarium gives two distinctly different looks.

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Small Aquarium in Home

This aquarium functions as a room divider in a town home. It is viewable from all angles, and its rimless design makes it float in the room. Owned by a hobbyist, our team gets called in to perform major work and to “do the heavy lifting.”

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Children’s Dentist Lobby

Shouts of “Nemo!” can be heard in this children’s dentist office. The aquarium is designed for children to be able to see the fish and is part of a wall display which creates a little play cove for kids on the other side.

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Combining nature’s beauty with our technical know-how, ReefScaping™ brings out the best in what nature has to offer to creates beautiful displays.

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Senior Care Residence

There are times when the story behind the aquarium outshines the aquarium. This tank belongs to a retired Air Force Colonel, and what it does for him is priceless.

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Office Aquarium

Located in one of Atlanta’s high rise buildings, this aquarium adds a calming element to an office where some very highly charged meetings take place.

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Bedroom Aquarium Rescue

When our team was called in to this home, we had no idea of how bad the aquarium’s condition was. We installed new filtration, new rock, and new circulation. Everything but the fish, corals, lights, and the aquarium, itself, got replaced with a 100% survival. Since the rescue, all of the corals have recovered and are growing again.

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Sharks and Eels Tank

This aquarium is part of a group of five aquariums. Our team was called in and installed two of them, and rebuilt the life support system for this tank with a salt water mixing station which supplied water for all five aquariums. Two of the aquariums were given a makeover with our AquaScaping™ rock work.

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Fish Market Displays

Occasionally our work takes us from the ornamental aquarium industry into other industries. This fish market had a series of displays that they needed to set up, but they had no way of doing so. Our team was called in and we got them up and running with a very strong system.

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More of Our Favorites

Aquariums are so magical that we come across beautiful moments all of the time. Here are some of our favorite pictures which didn’t fit into an album, but are not to be missed.

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