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Saltwater Aquarium Information, Opinions, and the Internet

Question Mark Internet

Saltwater aquarium information is easy to find on the internet. But there are many conflicting opinions, and although most people are simply trying to be helpful, it can be hard to know which information to put the most true into.

Much of the content online is been posted and published by hobbyists. Hobbyists in any hobby dig deeply into the knowledge of their hobby, and come up with different methods, techniques, and opinions on a wide variety of subjects within the hobby.

A simple illustration is the hobby of photography. If you think saltwater aquarium information varies from person to person, you should see how much photography changes with each photographer.

Most people who take pictures use their smartphone to do so. It is quick and easy, and produces good pictures.

Others have a professional/semi-professional quality camera, and they take other pictures, many which the smartphone users won’t get.

Further still, there are photographers who work with different lights and flashes, and lenses, and different cameras and other equipment. They take higher level art pictures or commercial pictures.

Each of these people is going to answer a question about photography differently. There will be some core ideas that everyone pretty much agrees upon, but beyond that, opinions and thoughts vary from person to person.

Saltwater aquarium information works in the same way. Aquarium owners range from those who simply want a beautiful tank to look at or for their office. Others are partially engaged and do day-to-day tasks while letting a maintenance company do the major work. Others like to perform all of the maintenance tasks for their aquarium. Still others like to push the envelope and see what their aquarium can do with some modifications to equipment, and so on, and so forth. The information from these people is naturally going to vary.

A great deal of the information found online is posted by, and directed more toward the “hobbyists.”

Hobbyists like to tinker with things. They start working with water chemistry, husbandry, fluid dynamics and inter-species relations. The list goes on, and discussions about various subjects turn into heated debates and arguments.

I stay out of those discussions.

The aquarium hobby has been around long enough to have people who have had success with all sorts of different methods, and is still young enough to still be in the early stages of developing technology and equipment.

All of these factors contribute to the confusing and contradictory nature of much of the saltwater aquarium information that is found on the internet.

If you have questions about what you find online,speak with your ReefTechs Technician, and they will help you sort through it.

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