Automatic Fish Feeder Recommendations

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Automatic fish feeders can simplify the day-to-day care of an aquarium. Today’s feeders can accommodate a wide variety of aquariums, and are becoming easier to use.

Aquarium Test Kits – Which One to Use?

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When I hear hobbyists talk about test kits, the conversation reminds me of some of the conversations I have heard about beer. “Oh that beer is good, but not as good as this beer.” or “I can’t believe anybody would drink that cheap beer.” Except instead of talking about beers, they are talking about aquarium […]

Water Testing Kits – How Close Is Close Enough?

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When I was touring the SeaChem laboratories, one of the scientists was discussing their approach to developing and constantly improving their water testing kits. She described their test for strontium, which takes about 10 minutes to complete and is testing for 8 parts per million. She emphasized the need for accuracy and asked if, at 8 […]