The Gravel Vacuum – Why Is It Important?

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The Gravel Vacuum is a misunderstood and underused tool. Why is it the most important tool that our technicians use? ReefTechs Aquarium Consultants

Automatic Fish Feeder Recommendations

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Automatic fish feeders can simplify the day-to-day care of an aquarium. Today’s feeders can accommodate a wide variety of aquariums, and are becoming easier to use.

Fish Outgrow Aquariums. Corals, Too. What to Do About It?

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Fish and corals outgrowing their aquarium affect tanks in different ways. Here’s what you can do to help the animal and the rest of your aquarium’s community. By ReefTechs Aquarium Consultants

Saltwater Fish: Choosing The Best Ones For Your Aquarium

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Choosing a fish to add is fun and exciting. These tips help you to make sure that the fish you bring in is as healthy and happy as possible.

Aquarium Controllers: The Good and the Bad

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I am often asked about aquarium controllers, like the APEX, ReefKeeper, and other systems. Here’s what I tell people when they ask:

Saltwater Aquarium and Reef Tank – What’s the Difference?

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Saltwater aquariums and reef tanks are both beautiful. Selecting between the two is a fun process, in itself.

Saltwater Fish – What are good choices for my aquarium?

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Selecting saltwater fish for your aquarium is fun. Whether it is the first fish going into a tank, or it is a new addition to a community, a new fish just seems to add even more life to an aquarium.

Fish Food – How Much of What Should I Feed My Fish?

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Fish food was simple when I was growing up. “Buy some flakes, put them in the aquarium.” Nowadays, fish food comes in many forms, with many companies making fish food, each claiming the benefits that their brand provides. Chapters of books are dedicated to the topic, and hobbyists get into intense discussions about fish food. It’s no […]